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torsdag 25 augusti 2016


The most spoken language in the world is Spanish. I wonder why some traffic programs and other sites simply want English language and nothing else. Is it that hard to use a translation software so that everyone can add their sites in applications?

Can anyone answer me on this?

tisdag 23 augusti 2016

Can you rely trust on diet pill/methods from Dr. Josh Axe's website.

8 Common Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight  Dr. Josh Axe

Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight

No-Calorie Diet: Our bodies need fat, plus healthy fats actually help you burn fat. Unfortunately, the zero-calorie trend is one of the most popular, leading people to consume harmful artificial sweeteners in the name of losing weight. Also, diet drinks can actually cause weight gain.

Drugs and Pills: We’re all familiar with this one and we know there’s not a magic pill that will make you skinny. Sadly, drugs, like cocaine, are often used as a quick fix for weight-loss. But in the long run they can severely damage your heart and your brain. There are certain supplements that can aid in fat-burning, but they must go along with healthy eating and exercise, and the healthy supplements are whole-food based.

Fad Diets: The Annals of Internal Medicine reviewed 10 of the nation’s most popular weight-loss programs and found that except for Weight Watchers, none of them show proof that they actually work at helping people lose weight and keep it off. About 45 million Americans diet each year, spending $1 billion to 2 billion each year on weight-loss programs. Yet America remains the most obese country on earth. Not eating a balanced diet will not help you lose weight and can actually inhibit any weight-loss.

Skipping Meals: This approach may appear to make sense, but really it’s a harmful and unhealthy way to lose weight. Your metabolism increases after eating, and if you chronically skip meals, your metabolism can slow down and actually lead to weight gain. Starving or skipping meals is extremely ineffective in weight-loss.

Purging: Purposely throwing up is incredibly dangerous to your health. Purging often comes with serious psychological effects on the individual. The act of throwing up is either a symptom of, or leads to bulimia and it can also increase your cravings for unhealthy foods. Purging creates an illusion that the hunger craving has been satisfied by consuming food, but the calories are lost by throwing it up.

Laxatives: Excessive use of laxatives in the form of pills, powders, suppositories and teas in order to lose weight is not a new concept. Continuous use will weaken your digestive system and can cause abdomen related complications.

Smoking: Another popular way to suppress hunger. Smoking sends vague signals to the brain which increase the metabolic rate, and consequently kill hunger. Chronic smokers can skip meals and not feel any effect. However, this method causes long term damage as the body becomes weak and more susceptible to cancers and other infections.

Over-Exercising: If your body is already undernourished, over-exercising can be one of the worst things you can do to lose weight. Sticking to a rigorous exercise regime can rarely be considered a bad thing, but extensive amounts of cardio won’t help you drop the remaining weight. Burst training for 20 minutes, 3–5 times per week is an appropriate amount, along with strength training.

Working out and sticking to a healthy diet should complement one another in order to lose weight in a healthy way. Losing weight requires a lifestyle change, especially if you want it to stay off. It’s hard work, eating healthy and exercising.

You might also be interested in How to Lose 20 Lbs with Diet and Supplements.

söndag 21 augusti 2016

My computer is ill today...

Like me. I was probably too much on IT yesterday. It would not at all. Blunt, flabby and inaccessible. Anyway, I have cleaned it and cleared away all the debris from the disks. I've also optimized the computer. So I'll probably surf slowly today. But who's in a hurry?

Not me, anyway. I can not cope with to de-stress. I have for bad nerves. I have had bad nerves since I was a child. So my life has never been really fun. Only sometimes ... With my animal friends. And in the nature, it has gone well, but I can't live in any city. I have to live in a small, small town where there is no stress.

Such is my life ...

Gentlemen, are they?

Of course! But there are always exceptions. Ruthless, selfish and much, much more.

Somehow being a gentleman has become a checklist of traits. “If I do this, then I am a gentleman.” Not necessarily. The gentleman persuasion is holistic. All the finer qualities of a gentleman emanate from a strong inner character. He’s honest, he has integrity, and he has a strong acceptance of himself. Because he doesn’t live in shame, there is no need to put on an act. His motions are tried and true, meaning they are resilient even under pressure.
So don’t believe if you do one thing, it makes you a gentleman. Here are 10 things that do not necessarily make you a gentleman:
1. A signature drink does not necessarily make you a gentleman.
A gentleman with inner confidence will be just as comfortable drinking pink sangria with a paper umbrella.
2. A well-fitted suit and bow tie do not necessarily make you a gentleman
It’s not just what you wear, but how you wear it. A gentleman does not find his identity in what he wears or material possessions.
3. A classy car does not necessarily make you a gentleman
Today’s gentleman is concerned about more than himself. You might find him driving a Chevy Volt or a Toyota Prius.
4. Opening doors for ladies does not necessarily make you a gentleman 
You’re not a gentleman if you only open the door for pretty women but slam the door on everyone else.
5. An ivy league degree does not necessarily make you a gentleman
A gentleman has no need to toss his pedigree around because he knows you’ll discover his intelligence in conversation.
6. Going to church every Sunday does not necessarily make you a gentleman
If you’re judging/pointing out the flaws in others and not paying attention to your own, you’re not a gentleman.
7. Volunteering does not necessarily make you a gentleman
If you give, but expect something in return, you’re not a gentleman.
8. Walking her home does not necessarily make you a gentleman
If your intention is to get an invite upstairs, you’re not a gentleman
9. Taking her to the nicest restaurant does not necessarily make you a gentleman
If your finances are not in order, and you’re spending the rest of your savings trying to impress her, you’re not a gentleman.
10. Being in shape does not necessarily make you a gentleman
If your outer strength outweighs your inner strength, you are not a gentleman because a gentleman is just as strong or stronger within.
The 30 Characteristics of a Good Guy describe some of the inner workings of a gentleman. The outer displays are just the icing on the cake. The gentleman does the right thing because he has integrity, not because others are watching or because it’s convenient. He’s comfortable in his shoes. He’s comfortable being a gentleman.

fredag 19 augusti 2016

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torsdag 18 augusti 2016

Pain throughout the body

Yes, it is unacceptable to have so much pain. But I try to sit for a while now and then at the computer and surf a bit.

I wont lie and read a book, but I can't now, equally difficult is it to sit and read.

I have a strong medications against this horrible pain, but the pain would not give away. Just for a hour or two. And I can not take the medicines more than every four hours. I then destroys the kidneys and liver, and I of course can't do that.

I'll have to bite the bullet and fight and hope it will be a relief soon. But the weather is lousy, it's raining and blowing. Cold, it is also. It makes the pain gets worse for me.

So it will be when you get old and worn out...

onsdag 17 augusti 2016

I am sick...

that is why I have not surfed in a matter of days. But I'm trying a few hours per day as long as it goes ...

I hope that over time, if I have any, could be better. Otherwise, I put off with this.

söndag 14 augusti 2016

Oh what a day I have had...

It started with my landlady became ill. And there I was, too, but got set up for her anyway, she lay to bed and could not do anything.
To hear the matter, my landlady a guest house for cats, and she would also receive a number of cats today. But it was not, I took care of all the animals and placed them into their own home at the moment.

So now I'm completely exhausted both physically and mentally and browsing may be as it
But a few pages, I'll at least try to surf.


Today I am really ill. Have pain in the entire body, I can not sit, lie or go. I am going crazy!!

I don't have any medications that can help me. So I do not know what to do. Life is not worth living. Always this pain. But soon, perhaps the agony over, I'm old ...

torsdag 11 augusti 2016

I changes me about the weather

It started to rain, hail and thunderstorms after I wrote the previous post. Fy for the Evil !!!

Hope you have better weather where you live.


I don't understand why I always wake up with a headache. It takes several hours before it is over.
I can't do anything until the headache release. Not at all funny. :(

Today it's sunshine and beautiful weather, but cold. Strange August.

I'll just rest today and surf some traffic program, nothing else. I'm so tired of this pain.

onsdag 10 augusti 2016


Ugh what weather we have. The storms and is cold, but the Sun is shining in all cases. Strange weather we have. August tends to be so beautiful. But not this year, yet ...

Today, I will not do anything but sit at the computer. Out there I can not be.

But my 2 cats they are out though it blows so awful.

tisdag 9 augusti 2016

Pictures of cats.

The weather's nice, but cold and windy.

Today I begin a new blog in English. I have a good translator, so it'll be fun. Google is not very good at translating, so I use another who simply called

I thought I would be in charge of a dog from yesterday, but I haven't heard anything about her master and mistress have started working. So I might be vacant a week out. Nice for me. But I miss Neo-boy. (dog)